Development version with added functions for center pivot systems

Second release in CRAN (2022-3-23) with bugs fixes and added features.


Values returned from spreval::eff, i.e., “appeff”" and “appadeq” have been corrected.

Added features

Most functions that output plots, or allow optional plots (i.e., eda.shape, plotss, sfplot,rotecdf) now allow optional graphical parameters to be passed via the … convention. A vignette to illustrate use of the package in landscape sprinkler irrigation application has been added, along with an accompanying landscape irrigation data added to the catchcan dataset as “catchcan$landscape”. —

Initial released version in CRAN (2021-07-05)

initial development version

  • added vignette for traveling systems.
  • 2 vignettes completed.

  • added vignette for hard-hose traveler forthcoming.